NYX Professional Makeup

Recently, I visited an NYX Professional Makeup store and was pleasantly surprised.  have to admit, I’d only used this brand once, years ago, for a standard eye liner when I needed one in a pinch. The eyeliner worked well enough, and although I saw the brand frequently in various mass market stores, I was never moved to purchase much beyond another eyeliner. This changed after visiting the freestanding store, which contained way more products that I’d imagined.

Most makeup brands that we find in drug stores and mass market stores (i.e. Target, Walmart) don’t carry many options in terms of colors. We usually see the same 10 shades of lipsticks, foundation formulas, and eyeshadows. The NYX store offered so much more. In fact, there were so many products that I eventually walked away with cosmetic puffs, a few Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks, and some Lip Pencils (and truthfully, I already own a LOT of makeup). I loved the selection of colors for the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and narrowed them down to Kitten Heels (rich red), Run the World (vibrant violet-pink), Tea & Cookies (soft pink), and Sandstorm (nude). What’s a lip without a liner? I picked up a few to try (Club Hopper, Amethyst, and Vintage). The verdict: I liked the vibrancy of the Liquid Suede Cream. There was nothing wimpy about the colors and I appreciated the high pigmentation. Although the formula felt a little sticky during application, it did try to a matte, and my lipstick lasted all day with only one touch up (due to eating and drinking twice). The lip pencil colors were vibrant and the texture was creamy but I like a firmer pencil.

For the money, both products were worth keeping, and when I get a chance to visit an NYX store again, I’m going to branch out and test drive the eyeshadows, foundations, and powders. I can already see that I’d need to limit myself to a few items, because it was super easy to spend money in that store! NXY knows how to market well!

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