Cookie Cutter Makeup-Take The Poll

Thanks to Instagram and YouTube, the general public can now experience make trends and techniques that were previously unavailable or hadn’t yet been discovered. Some of the trends need to die a slow death, but people still can’t seem to get enough of them. The biggest problem that professional artists see, is the cookie cutter makeup. We watch beauty influencers (term used for people who only apply makeup on themselves/receive payment or perks from makeup brands), and wonder what is going to happen to the craft.

Cookie Cutter Makeup (in my opinion), is makeup says one MUST take certain steps to achieve the look that the beauty influencer is showcasing that day. For example, we see sculpted and super large eyebrows, 55 foundations being used at one time (exaggeration but you get my point), and a steady trend of gold/silver/shimmery highlighting that is supposed to applied to the cheeks, forehead, tip of the nose, chin, and hell, just about anywhere else on the face. We see extreme contouring that “must” be done on the exact same spots as the vlogger, when sadly, in real life, these trends are highly unflattering to most people.

Everyone is starting to look the same. People are morphing into the same makeup looks: overdrawn eyebrows, extremely contoured faces, and “glow” everywhere. No one looks like themselves anymore. Real makeup artists know how to apply products that suit individual clients for individual results. Unless there’s a stage play or a fashion shoot involved, where the director wants EVERYONE to look the same, makeup should compliment a person, AND the look should be created just for that person. Why look exactly like everyone else? I like to stand out as an individual. How about you? Leave me a comment below!

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