Purple Passion

I believe in the power of purple, as it is my one of my most favorite colors on planet earth! For me, purple means power, royalty, lushness, and Prince (Rest In Power). Purple is sexy, and purple, specifically Ultra-Violet, is Pantone’s color of the year. Today, I felt like playing around with some of my favorite shades of the royal color and used quite a few brands to achieve the looks listed below. I took the liberty of posting the brands as well as the colors used to take the guesswork out, just in case you want to duplicate the look!

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Foundation: #maqprofard

Eyes: #magnoliamakeup#viseart01

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Brows: #ardellbrowbuildingfibergel #macspiked#macstrut

Cheeks/Contour: #mactracegold#occpurepigmentmagenta
Lips: #nyxliquidsuede #sway#urbandecayvice #monarchy

Brushes: #crownbrushes #c512 #c523 #bk14 #528#c400 #c422

Sponges: #alcone  


The Makeup Show-Chicago

TMS 2014The show has left the city but the memories will remain forever! I am a huge supporter of

Makeup First Artistry

Makeup First Artistry

The Makeup Show and believe that it’s the perfect avenue for artists of all levels who may want something different from IMATS. Top artists are there to share their knowledge with other artists, students, and guests. Being able to spend time surrounded by like-minded peers creates a nurturing and dynamic environment that allows all of us artists to test out and purchase new products and connect with other artists.

Makeup Show 2014 David Klasfeld

Makeup Show 2014 David Klasfeld

There is something for everyone at The Makeup Show so if your medium is beauty, or special effects, or if you have a flair for the avant-garde, you won’t be disappointed with the exhibitors, workshops, seminars, and keynote speakers. There is a friendliness that permeates the atmosphere and even though I go alone every year, I still manage to see old friends or make new ones.

Jessie Powers for MUFE

Jessie Powers for MUFE

I had a chance to check out the Kosart Effects booth for Special Effects Makeup (J. Anthony Kosar won Face Off Season 4), see a seminar held by Jessie Powers for Make Up For Ever, and watch David Klasfeld, founder of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics transform his model using various OCC products. I’m really interested in vegan products so it was great to hear David talk about why he started his ever-growing brand. It was really cool to listen and learn from both seminars, especially since artists tend to “know it all” when it comes to products and application. We can always learn something from someone else and The Makeup Show is a place where you can truly learn something meaningful.

Kosart Effects Makeup Show 2014

Kosart Effects Makeup Show 2014

Kevyn Aucoin Museum Quotes

I had a chance to stop by Nigel’s Beauty Emporium (truly a premier beauty supply company), Frends Beauty (one of the world’s largest beauty supply companies), and Z Palette (who really had the most professional and pleasant salespeople), along with Alcone Company (they make my favorite non-latex sponges).