Inglot via Beautylish!

Finally, Inglot has arrived at Beautylish and you have the opportunity to customize Inglot Freedom Systemshadows, concealers, lipsticks, blush, and foundation the way YOU want them organized. As a makeup artist, I have been guilty of buying and OVER buying in the eye shadow department, just because I couldn’t walk away from all the pretty colors. Inglot, one of my newest favorite lines, allows customers to create their own palettes via their Freedom System. I’ve blogged about Inglot several times before because I love that I can create all matte palettes, all glitter, or shimmer, or….well, you get what I’m saying.

Now Beautylish Boutique has added Inglot to the roster of brands they are selling and you really need to head over there to see what the hype is all about! FREE shipping if you spend over $35 is certainly tempting, and if you spend UNDER $35 dollars, you get a flat rate shipping fee of $5. Get your spring colors now!


LIT Cosmetics is All About The GLITTER!

Concentrated Glitter Color

Concentrated Glitter Color

If you just love glitter like I do, then you simply MUST check out LIT Cosmetics, created by Canada resident Jodie Perks. Glitter can be quite challenging to wear, because it tends to flake or float right off your face, but LIT has an adhesive that beauty industry folks just LOVE!

The colors available are really pretty, and more importantly, they are totally wearable, as they’ve been scaled down to the right size, so that glitter actually equals classy! Having a highly pigmented glitter means that you get pure color that you can apply lightly for a daytime look or increase the amount for really dramatic looks. I am digging the fact that LIT has different TYPES of shine. For instance, you can just order pure glitter or you can get metallic or shimmer, or even electric versions (these glow under black lights). Sometimes people don’t want too much shine so a shimmer or metallic works nicely.  I’ve got my eye on “Oprah,” “Boogie Nights,” and “Roxy Rolla.” I can’t wait to try out my colors AND my special LIT adhesive that keeps the colors intact! When I get them in the mail, I’ll show you some looks created by moi!Boogie Nights by LIT Cosmetics

Right now, if you head over to Beautylish (if you haven’t subscribed to this free beauty site then shame on you), LIT is offering the LIT KIT, which gives you 3 shades plus the adhesive for only $39. If you want a broader selection of colors, just head over to the LIT Cosmetics website and browse the online catalog (there’s a PDF version too). LIT does $10 shipping all over the world!  Roxy Rolla by LIT Cosmetics

Beautylish Boutiques!

Have you checked out Beautylish yet? This site is the place to be if you have even a remote interest in beauty products. I love to browse the articles about makeup, nails, hair, industry practices, and other things relating to the business of beauty, including videos and tutorials. Beautylish is a welcoming community of artists and experts in the beauty field, as well as novice makeup artists and self-proclaimed product junkies. If you fit into any of the categories mentioned above, then you MUST spend some time browsing the site. I have learned some valuable information just from reading the many articles posted on Beautylish.

Beautylish Boutiques allow you to snatch up exclusives from different cosmetic brands. This month’s featured brand is Sugarpill Cosmetics and they are the very first brand to be sold on Beautylish. I’ve already purchased a 4 shadow palette from Sugarpill and I am so excited to see who Beautylish will team up with for next month’s exclusive!  As someone who likes to save time by purchasing makeup online, I really loved that my shipping was free on Beautylish on purchases over $35. Join the Beautylish community by registering as a member on the site (it’s totally free) so that you can have exclusive access to the Beautylish Boutiques!