Team Spring!

Natalie's WatermarkSince the weird Chicago weather is finally making sense, I’ve been inspired to create more Spring themed looks for my clients, now that we are actually having a Spring.

I love a bold eye like nobody’s business but I know for most women, the style is Natalie's Watermark Part 2sometimes difficult to own, especially for a daytime look. My model wasn’t entirely convinced that she could pull off her bright, bold, blue look but she trusted me completely (maybe because I’m her big sister)!

I used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigment in Saturate, a lovely, shimmery, aqua color. Applying the pigment from the inner eyelids out to the center of the lids (both top and bottom) gave just the right amount of “bright” before I transitioned to a darker blue. I actually used a combination of three additional shadows from MAC and INGLOT to add depth to the outer lids and crease area. MAC’s Pro Palette Shadow in Atlantic Blue, mixed with INGLOT shadows in 70 (bright blue) and 493 (bright purple) added a better level of dimension. After lining her upper lids with Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stargazer, I used MAC Smolder on the upper and lower lash lines, and Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant Mascara to complete the look.

Little Sis was very pleased with the end results, and I think I’ve managed to convert her to bright shadow for the daytime (fingers crossed)!

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Tip For The Day

This is my version of "over the top" makeup

This is my version of “over the top” makeup

Here’s the scenario: You meet up with your friend for a day of shopping and dining. When she opens the door, you are startled and shocked by her new makeup. Her lipstick looks like she’s been playing in chalk (too pale), she has either over/under drawn her eyebrows (scary),

Badly shaped eyebrow


and she took contouring to the next level (did she get a nose job?). Your friend is excited that she’s learned these techniques from her favorite online tutorial (no shade to all the talented MUAs who use social media to share tips), and asks the cringe-inducing question, “How do I look?”

If your instinct is to do a wall slide to the floor, clutch your pearls, and say, “A hot mess” then stop yourself before hurting her feelings and use some tact. This has happened to one of my MUA friends before, and she’s not known for being tactful, but she couldn’t crush her friend’s feelings. The artist quickly realized that her friend had been dutifully following HER advice but hadn’t quite mastered the look she wanted to achieve. The artist acknowledged that her friend had been experimenting with color, which was great, as many people shy away from strong colors. She then suggested things to add a little “here” and take away a little “there” for their soon to be Tweeted/Instagramed “selfie.”  Once the artist finished correcting the typical newbie to makeup issues (foundation not blended enough, wrong lip color, mascara or eyeliner, etc.), she took a new picture of her friend, who was elated.

This could have gone another way and feelings could have been hurt. Many times, when we see loved ones wearing makeup that makes us pause in disbelief, those people have no idea of how they truly look. The mirror tells lies. Instead of jumping in with, “You have on too much makeup” change the wording and say, “I saw (whatever product) and think it would look fantastic on you. Have you every tried that one?”  This is a tactful way to let your person know that all the colors of the rainbow in one place (their face) might not be a good look.

Some people are stuck in their ways and don’t feel that they need to change their makeup application routine. There’s not much you can do about these folks except keep a straight face (pun intended).

My “Tip for the day” is for two sets of folks: the offenders and those who are offended. If you have been told before that your makeup is “bright” or “creative” or people just say, “wow” when they see your face, you need to tone it down. If you are friends with the person who needs a makeup intervention, let them know verbally, not through the wall slide, pearl clutching, or “Hot mess” comments! Be sweet!

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Bright Colors For Spring

I love to combine products to get the most for my money while creating new looks. For the looks in these photos, I applied Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Creme Eye Shadow to my upper and lower lids with a small brush. Next, I applied Magnolia Makeup Pigment in “Indigo” over the MUFE, blending into the crease, and added OCC in “Static” to the inner top lids and tear duct areas. I finished the look with MAC Eye Kohl in “Smolder” and L’Oreal Voluminous False Fibers Lashes. Let me know what you think!


Bold and Bright Colors!

Some of you have asked me about the wearability of super bright colors and which brands  to check out. If you like bold and bright colors, check out Sugarpill Cosmetics. There are tons of highly pigmented (very important if you want color to stand out) loose and pressed shadows in colors that will make your eyes pop! For those of you who love a fierce lash, check out the company’s wide array of well priced eyelashes that come in unique styles and colors that you can’t find anywhere else.  Sugarpill offers $5.00 flat rate shipping (U.S.) and if you spend over $75 (worldwide), your shipping is free!