butterLONDON (and My New Ring)

Since Fall season is almost here, I decided to switch to my favorite red: “Blowing Raspberries” by butterLONDON. This red is perfect for my skin, as it is red without being too bright, and it’s not too pink or too orange. More importantly, butterLONDON is one of the the few brands who steer clear of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, and Parabens, so this makes me happy! The polish works best with paired with a base coat and a top coat to prevent chipping (a serious fashion faux-pas).

On another note, I scored my beautiful ring from the Kezzmit shop on Etsy. The woman makes beautiful, earthy jewelry that is high quality and affordable! Check out her site for unique pieces.


Dillard’s and butterLONDON

Blagger, HRH, Blowing Raspberries

Yesterday I had to make a trip to my local Dillard’s to pick up some items, when I stumbled upon one of my favorite nail lacquer brands-butterLONDON! It was time to restock, so I purchased “Blagger” and “HRH“, two colors I just adore. Dillard’s is advertising a buy 2, get 1 free deal so my “Blowing Raspberries” is going to look lovely after my manicure! I have blogged about butterLONDON before, and love that their products are free of harmful chemicals that are dangerous to your health. I was so excited about my deal that I forgot to ask when this chance to get a free lacquer expires!

I Got the Blues….

If you associate “feeling blue” with sadness then retrain your brain! MY blues for this season fall into the nail color category!  The color: Blagger. The company: butterLONDON. This particular shade of blue is so pretty, shiny, and such a bright pop of color that it makes you want to wiggle your toes and flash your hands at everyone. What I like is that the shade is bright, but not neon, and although I like an iridescent sheen, this polish can stand alone without the “extras”.  I didn’t just order polish on this go around, but also added a nail file (shaped like a crescent for easier filing), and “Powder Room” acetone-free nail polish remover.  The remover is a gentle formula that follows the mantra of butterLONDON (no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP, not animal tested). At $5 for a tiny bottle, I wasn’t as impressed, but the product does work!  I’ve talked about “trying something new” with your beauty routine, so here’s your chance to deviate from your regular pink/red/neutral nail polish! Happy Painting!