So You Want Good Skin?

My “tip for the day” is a message that I post on my Makeup Artistry by Tiffany page on Facebook. Today’s brief tip was about how makeup is not the enemy in terms of clear skin. The problem that I see with most people is that they are not cleaning their skin before going to bed. People blame the cosmetics for breakouts (and in some instances, with sensitive skin, the products ARE to blame), but they don’t realize that sleeping in makeup is really the cause. Speaking of sleep, if you aren’t getting a well rested night of sleep on a regular basis, your skin will tell on you!Purple Makeup Prince Shirt

Developing good habits over time will decrease skin problems. Aside from removing makeup properly, one must also keep their cosmetic tools clean too. Using dirty sponges and brushes on clean skin is like washing dishes in dirty water. Sounds gross? Well, it is gross to use dirty tools on your skin, especially if you are sharing those products or using them on other people. Transferring bacteria from your skin to your tools and products is dangerous will send you running to the dermatologist or even an emergency room.

Eating healthfully will do wonders for your skin. You can buy all the luxurious products being marketed to help your skin, but if you’re not investing in a better diet, your money will be spent in vain. I am not a nutrition expert, but I do know from consulting with doctors and skin care experts that people MUST eat fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins in order to provide their skin with the proper nutrients. Swapping out sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol for water will help keep your skin looking fresh too.

Lastly, managing stress in your life will help you keep your skin looking great. Eliminating relationships with people who get on your nerves, getting yourself organized at work and home, and using exercise as a well to combat stress are all ways to keep skin issues to a minimum. You can’t be your best, inside and out, if you can’t manage your life in a way that is not stressful.  Learning how to let go and only deal with the issues you can handle is hard for most of us to do, but it must happen. When my skin is looking dull, and I see darkness under my eye area, I know it means I need to reassess what’s going on in my life and start making changes.  Make sure to take better care of yourself. Your skin will thank you.

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Organize Your Beauty Buys

Makeup KitsThis is my first post of the new year and I’m really excited for what 2013 will bring to me! One of the things I’ve learned about myself that I must take into this new year is that staying organized is the key to my own happiness. I have decided to make myself a weekly schedule to keep my beauty tools neat and easily accessible.

As an artist, I own so many beauty products that it’s easy for me to start tearing through my own cosmetic kits and just making a complete MESS of things! Spilled pigment containers, lip and eye pencil shavings, dripping foundation bottles, and powders that magically “puff and poof” all over everything drive me insane. If you have acquired quite a few makeup items, then you may want to check out my list of “do’s” for the new year:

1. Organize by products, so that all lipsticks are together, all eye shadows are together, etc.

 2. Colorcode your products from lightest to dark or in reverse. This helps when you are looking for something specific. 

3. Create mini-kits that contain essentials so that you don’t have to lug around or rifle through a huge train-case of makeup. I buy makeup pouches and plastic containers to store items.

4. Use Ziploc baggies for cotton swabs and puffs. 

5. Purchase containers to hold your brushes. I bought a nice one from Marshall’s in the home section (I’m a Beauty Budget Babe)!

6. Sanitize your lipsticks, glosses, shadows, creams, pencils, and powders, packaging included. I spray rubbing alcohol on all recently used products and wipe them with a tissue or soft cloth. Then I wipe down all the containers with sanitizing wipes to remove smudged kohl pencil remnants, foundation, glosses, and shadows that may have spilled. 

7. Toss old makeup. If the makeup smells funky, the liquid products have separated into an oily mess, or the colors have literally changed into something unrecognizable, it’s time to practice your 3 point shots. TRASHCAN!

8. Unflattering makeup has no place in your life. If it didn’t look cute on you the first time you wore it, you still won’t look cute today. TRASHCAN!

9. Do not buy things just because they are pretty! Stores make beauty products look extra appealing so that you will buy, buy, buy. If you have already have 10,0000 red lipsticks, do you really need another one? 

10. Keep your tools clean. I cannot stress the importance of keeping tweezers, sharpeners, brushes, eye lash curlers, and other tools clean. Dirty tools mean a dirty face.  It’s not a good idea to walk around with a face full of makeup (and bacteria). That’s not cute. Ever. 



Festive Makeup by Magnolia Makeup, M.A.C., NARS, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Over the past year, I have been compiling a list of tips for the day (via my Facebook page), to help my readers make much-needed changes to their beauty regimes. People have given me many compliments on my makeup advice, and I’d like to share the list today so……….MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1. Make a “shopping list” for when you buy your cosmetics. It’s so easy to get blinded by the bright lights of the store, the many creatively packaged items, and all those colors, that budgets go right out the window!

2.Clean out your makeup bag and discard old products and sponges!

3.“Natural”  looking makeup requires work. Those people you think aren’t wearing makeup have mastered the application process. Blending until you can’t see the product anymore gives you the natural look.

4.Buy small plastic travel-sized containers to store liquid foundations, eye shadows that you accidentally “broke” when you dropped them, or lipsticks that are “worn down” to the base but you still want to wear them. Be a budget conscious beauty babe!

5. Get your eyebrows professionally done. If you suffer from a uni-brow, uneven brows, or you were too ambitious with plucking (and now have the dear caught in headlights look), it is time to let someone else guide you in the right direction.

6.Please eradicate the following things: mustaches, beards, long sideburns, and hair on the forehead. You must wax any stray hair on your face in order to make your makeup work for you. Also, please groom your eyebrows, as they provide a frame for your face. At-home products that work: Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit (works best on fine hair) and Nad’s 24 Hair Removal Strips (work well on coarse hair).

7.Skin color changes throughout the year occur, even when we don’t notice, so you really need to own at least 3 different foundation shades, especially in the summer time!

8. Just because it looked good on you when you were 14 does not mean it looks good now. Ladies, please branch out and try a new (insert cosmetic here).

9.Buy foundation at a drugstore only if you’re experienced. Otherwise, visit a or specialty store (i.e. M.A.C., Sephora). Make sure that you leave the store after testing the product, and head for natural light (yep, you need to go OUTSIDE) to view the color. Don’t think that testing the product on your hand/arm is a good indicator, unless you want to look like Bozo the Clown.

10.Lashes work wonders. Add a set of false lashes from time to time. If you are timid, trim the lashes to just add volume. False lashes may seem almost impossible to apply but practice makes perfect!