Playing Around With Polish

I love a bright, glittery nail color for the summer (okay, actually year-round is fun too), so I decided to play around with some recent purchases. I chose to paint my entire nails (front and underneath the backs) with my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Polish in Suspiria (described as ” Opaque UV magenta” on their website), and my Deborah Lippmann “Across The Universe,” a beautiful mix of blue/green glitter and navy, over Suspiria for a unique look. Suspiria and Across The Universe Nails

Hint: Suspiria dries to a flat matte finish and doesn’t resemble what’s in the bottle at all, so I always add a clear topcoat to add shine and vibrancy to the color. The first time I used the color, I was disappointed, so I took to the ‘net to read some reviews (I usually read up on products BEFORE I purchase) and everyone said the same thing about the color. Honestly, the topcoat did everything I needed it to do so it worked out. What I loved most about the Lippmann glitter polish was that it had a navy base, versus a clear base that is popular among most glitter polishes. As a result, I really could have rocked it alone! It wasn’t as difficult to remove either, unlike other glitter polish brands that I’ve tried in the past.

Play around with your polish and post your creative looks in the comment section! The best picture will receive a gift!

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I’m Your Private Dancer

Okay so I lied. I’m not really a dancer, private or otherwise, but I am loving the color of my new Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome nail polish, “Private Dancer.”  This gel-like polish glides on smoothly and dries rather quickly. I thought the purple hue would be more intense (this is one of the pitfalls of online shopping) and was surprised that the color was lighter, but it’s still very pretty. I should have waited to do laundry and scrub dishes until AFTER I painted my nails, as the polish chipped by the end of the day. I repainted my nails and so far, so good! I like that the brand does not use toluene, formaldehyde, and other dangerous chemicals!

I purchased my perfect-for-summer-purple at Neiman Marcus, but you can also score this and other Lippmann colors from her site, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s.