Acrylic Body Paint by MAC

I had a ball last night at the Armitage location of the MAC store! Watching the male model being painted inspired me to try my hand with “Paint by Numbers” and I really enjoyed testing the colors and brushes for application. I was inspired so much that I added several of the colors to my shopping list. I was a little clumsy and spilled the paint all over my hands, but it was easily removable with either MAC cleansing cloths or makeup remover.

This invitation only event was packed with makeup artists and their guests, and while the music pumped out serious tunes, we grabbed the champagne being passed around and browsed all of the store’s MANY products! I’m sure my credit card company is frowning right now but I could care less, because the Painting by Numbers event was worth every penny spent!


Dazzleglass + Lip Tar=Pretty Pink Lips

I love mixing and matching colors and brands, which inspires me to create different looks.  I used M.A.C.’s Vino Lip Pencil,  their Dazzleglass in Like Venus, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Hoochie for this vibrant, sparkly look. What do you think?

Brights For Spring!

Spring is right around the corner and although I love pastels just like the next beauty babe, I think I’m going to start a bright color trend for eye makeup this time around. I’ve been loving my bright purplish blue shadows from M.A.C. and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in “Atlantic Blue” and “Static”.  The M.A.C. shadow is very highly pigmented and the texture is matte. I bought it as a filler for one of my Pro Palette Refill Pans and finally got a chance to try a new look with the Atlantic Blue by using it on the upper eye lids and in the creases. I also traced a bit on my lower lash line after adding some M.A.C. Fluidline in Blacktrack, another favorite liner of mine. I used OCC’s Static, also a purplish-blue shadow (a pigment formula) for the inner parts of my upper eye lids. I added M.A.C.’s “Motif” (golden-peach frost) shadow to enhance my brow bone area. I’m quite happy with the results and my mind is already racing with thoughts of trying out another bright color for Spring. Maybe green…….

I Promised I’d Give An Update!

The last time I blogged about M.A.C.’s “Black Knight” Creamsheen Lipstick by GarethPugh, I said I would update with a picture. Sorry for the S L O W delay but I’ve been on a makeup mission for some other beauty buys! The black lipstick wasn’t nearly as harsh as I thought but I’ll let you be the judge!

Black Knight Limited Edition Lipstick by M.A.C.


Cute Collection!

As a long time subscriber to Allure Magazine, the ultimate beauty guide for cosmetics, I was pleased to see that Allure has created a really good collection of shadows, glosses, and blushers/bronzers that help take the guess work out of how to pair colors.  The Allure Beauty Editor Palette Collection by Sephora is a set of  5 smartly packaged palettes that allow you to mix and match shades.  I”m a woman that must have options for just about everything, so I am really excited about this collection, because I can chose opulent jewel tones for one look, then switch to pretty, soft neutral colors for another beauty style.  For only $34, you can own this collection valued at $150 by ordering from Sephora at  I’ve already ordered my kit and cannot WAIT to try out some new looks!

You GLOW Girl!

Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it and that’s where bronzer can become your weapon against the blah’s. Bronzers work well on the fairest of fair to the deepest hued skin around. The trick is to pick the right shade for you (light golden for fair skin, bronze for medium tones, and coppers look especially good on dark skin). The right brush for your new powdered sunshine is essential. It’s best to use a medium sized, round brush instead of the small brushes that may come with the bronzer. 

Swirl your brush through the product and tap off the excess on the back of your hand. Then apply the bronzer only to places where the sun would naturally hit your face, like the forehead around the hairline and temple, the bridge of your nose, and your cheek area.  I’ve discovered that if you have a fuller face, bronzer looks great on the cheekbones, along with a pretty, bright pink blusher on the apples. For my beauty challenged babes, smile really wide. See that round part of your cheek? That’s the “apple” in case you weren’t sure. Guess what? You’e not finished yet. This bronzer thing goes way behind just hitting a few spots on your face. You must sweep a tiny bit along your jawline and your collarbone. If you want to make your breasts look especially luscious, sweep a bit of bronzer over your cleavage area.

Some of my favorite bronzers are: M.A.C. Bronzing Powder, Nars, and CoverGirl Queen Collection. Anytime you try out a new product or new technique, play around with it at home. Don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, it’s just makeup!