Summer Makeup Help!

Coconut Oil MAC and OlayAs an artist, I tend to gravitate toward “full face” year round, including these hot, sticky, humid summer days in Chicago. But lately, due to being pressed for time, and general laziness, I’ve found a way to even out my splotchy complexion (thanks eczema!) and look “made up” without using concealer and foundation.

Keeping my skin moisturized and hydrated is key to looking good. So I’ve upped my waterMade up with MAC Skinfinish intake, decreased my caffeine addiction down to 1 serving every few days, and doubled up on my moisturizer by first slathering my face in Kelapo Coconut Oil, then following up with my favorite Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. After my skin has soaked up my concoction, I swipe on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, which gives me natural and polished look. When I’m done, I do a happy dance! Low key, this look may take me way beyond summer. I’m just saying…

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Daytime or Nighttime Makeup. Do YOU Know The Difference?

A new trend of heavy contouring, too thick/too long lashes, and over arched, heavy brows is becoming the norm. Pictures of this sort of makeup are frequently posted via social media. A quick browse through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr will reveal pictures and whole pages dedicated to nightclub makeup looks for the daytime, or “Cirque de Soleil” makeup (i.e. glitter, sparkles, sequins, glow-in-the-dark), which can be beautiful or avant-garde, but is NOT “daytime” at all. These looks are becoming the norm and I worry that makeup artists are setting up clients for unrealistic beauty expectations. Without naming names, I recently stumbled upon a reality show about a famous music family and noticed that in certain scenes, the people looked like they had all had bad nose jobs, while in other scenes, their noses looked normal. I realized quickly (HDTV shows it all) that the people were victims of extremely heavy contouring. The heavily applied makeup and false lashes literally altered the way these people actually look and that’s not good, but THIS is the TREND. Natural Beauty

I believe the trend is unrealistic because it sets the tone for over the top makeup that is not appropriate for daily wear and doesn’t always showcase a variety of skills for the artist. If all I did as a makeup artist was create dramatic, heavy, wildly colored looks for my clients, I’d be locked into doing one type of look, which would cut me out of the equation for other MUA jobs. Being able to service a diverse clientele is important to me.

As far as clients go, if all they see is dramatic makeup, they start thinking that glitter, Sugarpill Cosmeticsfeathers, neon lips, etc. are what they should be asking for, and that’s not really okay either. Options are a beautiful thing in life, and in the world of cosmetics, you should have plenty of choices for how you want to present yourself to the world, however, one must know the difference between daytime and nighttime makeup.

This trend trickles over to the consumers or clients, who may think that “this” is how they should look. It creates an almost falsehood about makeup and can scare off the more makeup-timid people who may have wanted to try out some looks but are now shying away from cosmetics. Being able to create a basic, daily, wearable look is extremely important for a makeup artist who wants to be taken seriously. Having the ability to create all sorts of looks makes the artist’s portfolio more diverse, and attracts all sorts of clients.Bad eyebrow

The focus of today’s blog is not about “natural makeup” versus “nighttime makeup” and who’s right or wrong, and my goal is not about offending anyone.  I’m just pointing out that we should understand the difference between the two, and create/wear those options at the appropriate times.

Club KidThe pictures in today’s post are from my collection and showcase a little bit of what I’ve discussed. These looks work for some, and not for others. It’s ultimately up to the makeup artist and client to determine what the best look is for the situation.

Brows Revisited

Today’s post is an “almost” re-post from 2011 (click link in hot pink below) because sadly, some folks still don’t understand how to make their eyebrows presentable. You should not have square, drawn-on eyebrows, unless you are trying to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Airbrushed looking eyebrows are not cute either. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the artistry of (in no particular order) Sam Fine, Tia DantzlerBilly B, and Pat McGrath. These artists are truly gifted and know that a strong brow is NOT the same as a fake, over drawn on brow.

Badly shaped eyebrow


There are ways to look “hot” and ways to look “not” so if you are even a tad bit unsure about how to groom your brows, please revisit my previous posting “Brow Beating 101” and share this with everyone you know. My patience is wearing thin! Enjoy your Friday!

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Festive Makeup by Magnolia Makeup, M.A.C., NARS, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Over the past year, I have been compiling a list of tips for the day (via my Facebook page), to help my readers make much-needed changes to their beauty regimes. People have given me many compliments on my makeup advice, and I’d like to share the list today so……….MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1. Make a “shopping list” for when you buy your cosmetics. It’s so easy to get blinded by the bright lights of the store, the many creatively packaged items, and all those colors, that budgets go right out the window!

2.Clean out your makeup bag and discard old products and sponges!

3.“Natural”  looking makeup requires work. Those people you think aren’t wearing makeup have mastered the application process. Blending until you can’t see the product anymore gives you the natural look.

4.Buy small plastic travel-sized containers to store liquid foundations, eye shadows that you accidentally “broke” when you dropped them, or lipsticks that are “worn down” to the base but you still want to wear them. Be a budget conscious beauty babe!

5. Get your eyebrows professionally done. If you suffer from a uni-brow, uneven brows, or you were too ambitious with plucking (and now have the dear caught in headlights look), it is time to let someone else guide you in the right direction.

6.Please eradicate the following things: mustaches, beards, long sideburns, and hair on the forehead. You must wax any stray hair on your face in order to make your makeup work for you. Also, please groom your eyebrows, as they provide a frame for your face. At-home products that work: Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit (works best on fine hair) and Nad’s 24 Hair Removal Strips (work well on coarse hair).

7.Skin color changes throughout the year occur, even when we don’t notice, so you really need to own at least 3 different foundation shades, especially in the summer time!

8. Just because it looked good on you when you were 14 does not mean it looks good now. Ladies, please branch out and try a new (insert cosmetic here).

9.Buy foundation at a drugstore only if you’re experienced. Otherwise, visit a or specialty store (i.e. M.A.C., Sephora). Make sure that you leave the store after testing the product, and head for natural light (yep, you need to go OUTSIDE) to view the color. Don’t think that testing the product on your hand/arm is a good indicator, unless you want to look like Bozo the Clown.

10.Lashes work wonders. Add a set of false lashes from time to time. If you are timid, trim the lashes to just add volume. False lashes may seem almost impossible to apply but practice makes perfect!