Magnolia Makeup Colors

Colors used: Aztec, Caramel, Ganache

I received a new shipment of colors (Fleur de Fab, Girly Girl, Whimsical, Ganache, and Big Easy) and decided to play around with a few more shade I already own (Aztec and Caramel). Check out Magnolia Makeup‘s large assortment of pigments in colors that suit

Colors used: Fleur de Fab, Girly Girl, Whimsical, and Big Easy

every skin tone imaginable!

Leave me a message and tell me what you think of the color combos!













Colors in order: Big Easy, Aztec, Caramel, Ganache, Whimsical, Girly Girl, Fleur de Fab


Magnolia Makeup For NYE!

Side View of Magnolia Makeup Pigments

Hey! I’ve really enjoyed all of the pigments I have ordered from Magnolia Makeup and I decided to use my latest colors for New Year’s Eve for a festive mood!  I used Green Tea Pigment, Green Glitz Glitter, Purple Glitz Glitter, Caramel Pigment, and Aztec Pigment for this fun look!Magnolia Makeup Pigments and Glitters