Makeup Goodies Make Me Giddy!

Goodies from Naimies!

Goodies from Naimies!

If you read my last post, then you know I had been disillusioned with  beauty (and blogging) for a bit and that now, I’m ready to rejoin the beauty world and continue to make my mark as an artist. Sometimes, you have to find ways to get yourself back into the swing of things after a long hiatus. I do this best by shopping for makeup and tools as a treat. I TRY to buy practical things that I can use in my kit but it was HARD to not to start clicking all the whimsical items available online at Naimie’s Beauty Center and filling my cart with things I may not need any time soon (hellloooo glitter paint)!

The first thing I added to my car was RCMA No-Color Powder, which doesn’t look “cakey” and compliments ANY color of foundation. Then I decided to add the RCMA VK Palette to the mix. I love getting more bang for my buck and this palette doubles as concealer AND foundation! Speaking of foundation, I am a firm believer in applying a good primer as a base before I add foundation, so I ordered more Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze (I am addicted to this creamy, shimmery bronze primer that makes my face glow). I wasn’t done shopping, so I added a Bdellium SFX Stippling Brush (you know, just in case I do any special effects makeup soon), and before I knew it, I was adding to my cart a small Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray (you know, just in case I’m traveling for fun and want TSA sized products). I didn’t REALLY need more lashes but the Red Cherry lashes were calling and they ended up as the final purchases for the day.  All in all, I was happy with my mini-haul!

Makeup goodies truly make me giddy. I love not just having the products, but also I love what I can do with them. Creating the perfect look for a client is extremely rewarding and I”m grateful that I get to make people look and feel great. I’m also thankful for companies like Naimie’s where one can really find the products they need!

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update: I neglected to mention my Aqua XL Eye Pencil because it was actually purchased from a different store but just added to the “new purchases” pile.



Stepping Outside of Your Beauty Comfort Zone

Hello to you all! I’ve been M.I.A. due to a hectic schedule and I’m gearing up for all the fall Gala 2013 Blue Dressactivities and jobs that require my MUA skills! That being said, here’s what has transpired as of late: I stepped out of my own beauty comfort zone.

I’ve talked before about doing something different with your beauty regimen and changing your style. Some of you (and me included) wear the same makeup colors, hairstyles, and clothing, yet expect to somehow look different. That doesn’t make sense at all.

I’ve been rocking locs for almost 14 years, usually wearing them down, and dressing my body in black for various events. Recently, I spent some time looking at pictures of myself and realized that I looked the same in most of the photos. If I spend time telling other people how to change their looks but don’t change my own, I look hypocritical and out of touch. That’s not okay. So I called myself to task when I noticed that in my special events pictures, I usually chose makeup in golden shimmery colors or used tons of black around the eyes and I paired that with some variation of a black dress. Black is definitely on the menu of favorite colors (most of my close friends can testify to those college days of me wearing all black),  but I had to make some recent changes purely based on a time-crunch! I had one day to find a dress and 40 minutes to get glammed up from head to toe for a GALA, but I made it work. When your typical choices are no longer options, what do you do?

I stepped out of my beauty comfort zone by rocking a royal blue dress and blue shadows for my eyes. My locs were coiled instead of hanging down, and I have to say I was a lot cooler (physically and otherwise) with my hair UP instead of down. I’m not conceited by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to say that it felt fantastic to hear compliments on my new look. I hadn’t realized that maybe I was getting in my own way by being resistant to changing by not reworking my own style from time to time. As a working MUA who takes the craft seriously by keeping abreast of beauty trends, I’m used to doing my own makeup but saving the experimental looks for clients. I need to break that habit. Granted, some looks only belong in certain mediums (glitter lipstick is great for fashion shows, not so great for corporate jobs), but just inching a tad bit away from the familiar felt good.

For the “blue” makeup look, I used a combination of Magnolia Makeup Pigment in Fleur de fab and Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow in #322 on top of Make Up For Ever Aqua Black for the smokey eye that I love (no judgement please, I’m trying to grow, haha)! After adding #82 lashes from Red Cherry (a brand Kim Kardashian likes), my look was complete. Hubby couldn’t stop raving about how good I looked, and I got some genuine positive feedback from friends, which made me realize that I need to practice what I preach in terms of “trying something new.”

If you’ve been holding on to some old ways, maybe it’s time to “go there” with yourself and start trying new things with your beauty routine. Stepping outside of your own beauty comfort zone can lead you down an unexpected path, but that path may be the road to a new you!