Infinite Touch of Chicago-Best Massage Ever!

Kimm Danzie


My nerves were shot and my anxiety level was high. I knew it was time to start visiting Kimm Danzie, massage therapist, and owner of Infinite Touch of Chicago, and not just sporadically! With all the stressors in life, I was in dire need of an expert’s touch to rid me of the kinks, knots, and sore muscles, and my visits needed to be biweekly.

First of all, Ms. Danzie is a friendly, welcoming woman,with a calm voice. The location is nondescript and if you’re not paying attention, you can walk right pass the entrance. The environment is quiet, with good, soothing music playing in the background. This modest space includes the little things  that make a difference, like having a hook and hangers for my clothes, plus water and tissue on a stand next to the table. I believe Kimm emits magic dust from her hands or something because I truly can say that her techniques helped my aching muscles tremendously. I swear I dozed off, so I’m still not even sure if she used hot stones (along with the oil that kept me moisturized long after I left).

I had time for a 90 minute massage and it was totally worth every second. She used a combination of techniques (deep tissue, Swedish, and trigger point) to get rid of the bad juju that I was carrying (literally) on my shoulders, neck, back, legs, and arms. Inhaling and exhaling at various times during the massage helped to keep me calm but also helped to reduce the tension. At the end of the session, Kimm wrapped me up in my blanket like a cocoon, and S T R E T C H E D   my bent knees towards my chest!  My lower back started singing “Thank you Jesus!”  I can’t wait for my next appointment (I made this upcoming one while I was still floating from the last massage).

Everyone swears that their massage therapist has the best hands but I’d put my money on Ms. Danzie any time. Not only is she a therapist, but she also nationally board certified and has a “black woman owned” business. Now YOU don’t have to be a black woman to enjoy the massage! I’ll be booking my hubby for one too. You really need to make your way to Infinite Touch of Chicago if you’re in the market for a quality, relaxing experience.  If you don’t believe me, read the Facebook reviews!

Until next time,