Latex-Free Adhesive

Latex-Free For Sensitive EyesI was inspired to write today’s blog after reading a comment on my Facebook page about allergies to latex and how that affects the user’s ability to wear false eyelashes (thanks Tonia)! I’m allergic to various things but I’m lucky that I can slap on some adhesive and work those lashes without any problems, so when my friend shared her tale of whoa (swollen lids), I decided to check out an alternative for her. I’ve blogged about the Alcone Company before (see my previous blog “Tools To Use”), who sells not only my favorite latex-free sponges of all time, but also Ardell Lash Tite Latex-Free Eyelash Adhesive! According to Alcone, Ardell is the ONLY company that makes this special glue, and it’s available for use with both individual lashes as well as full strip lashes. The adhesive can be ordered directly from Alcone’s website and for the low price of $3.50, sensitive beauty babes everywhere can stock up!