Weather Makeup Makeover

The weather actually dictates our makeup more than we think. As the sun starts to shine more frequently and with temperatures on the rise, it’s time for you to go through your Aqua Eyes Waterproofmakeup bag and take inventory of what needs to be changed.

I know you’ve heard it before but it’s true: you need foundation in more than just one color. I actually have three different foundations that I use throughout the year because of skin color changes due to the heat (or lack of heat in Chicago). No one has skin that remains the same color throughout an entire year, unless they are plastic mannequins. Try your favorite brand, but a shade or two lighter for the colder months, and select another shade for those times when you’ve been exposed to the sun more frequently. Side-note: I hope you all are using sunscreens and foundations that contain SPF to protect your skin. To my readers of African descent, you should never believe the myth that Black people don’t get skin cancer, as it’s simply not true. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate.

Another weather related tip? Waterproof your makeup for those sultry days and nights when you want to look fabulous. If you’re rolling with your crew and your makeup is rolling right off your face, that’s not a good look. There is a difference between a “glow” and a “no.” We’ve all seen photos of sweaty-faced folks who didn’t realize their makeup deserted them. I’ve actually BEEN that person! While the waterproof makeup of the past was challenging to apply and even more difficult to remove, today’s products are much more easier to work with and they hold up well in various temps. I love Make Up For Ever Aqua MUFE Aqua Eyes 1Eyes Eyeliners for several reasons. First, they come in tons of fantastic shades, and second, the liners glide over my lids quite easily, blend well (very important when you’re using waterproof products), and yet are just as easy to remove after a long day (or night). For mascara, I love the waterproof version of L’oreal Voluminous!

I really love Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free primer and use it often when I want to waterproof my foundation. It helps my foundation last all day. If you have oily skin, try Stila Stay All Day Foundation, which melts into your skin and provides great coverage.  There are tons of brands out there that you may have to try in order to see what works best for your skin and your lifestyle. So let’s do a recap:

1. Clean out your makeup bag.

2. Use sunscreen. Daily.

3. Try the new formulas for waterproof makeup.

4. Have fun. It’s only makeup.

Until next time,



Holiday Beauty Deals

Smashbox Wondervision Brush SetSmashbox Wondervision Lip Gloss Set

Now is the time to maximize your cosmetics without blowing your beauty budget. Many of the top cosmetic brands are offering holiday gifts that are way more chic than gifts of the past. Back in the day, when companies offered gifts with purchase, the gifts were usually unappealing lip colors or foundation for only one skin tone. Nowadays, companies are more savvy, and are offering gift sets that are totally wearable and even coveted by many!

Check out Bobbi Brown for the Lip Gloss Trio which has three gorgeous, shimmer Bobbi Brown LipGlossTrioglosses.  I love Bobbi Brown Shimmer Gloss, as it’s not sticky and lasts all day. Smart marketing continues with the line including two different smokey eye palettes, one in “cool” and the other in “warm” to accommodate different skin tones. Bobbi Brown SmokeyCoolEyePalette

Bobbi Brown SmokeyWarmEyeNARS, one of my favorite lines, is getting into the holiday spirit with fifteen different limited edition gift sets that will make you want to thank the cosmetic gods. There are so many sets to choose from that I’m not even sure of where I want to start. As always, NARS offers luxurious and decadent colors that work well with all skin tones.

Companies like Smashbox have even decided to offer tools to help you create your special look. The Wondervision Brush Set (pictured at the top of the page along with the Wondervision Jumbo Primer) comes with FULL-SIZED brushes, and the chrome colors are perfect for a holiday gift! NARS Ride Up to the Moon


*All images were taken directly from Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, and NARS websites

NARS Realm of the SensesNARS Voyeur Eyeliner Set

I Beat The Heat!

Today was the first summer day that I ventured outdoors wearing a full face of makeup. I always wear a sunscreen and lip balm, but today was one of those days where (due to work) I had to give myself “face.”  The temperature this morning was a scorching 91 degrees, and  I felt like I was trapped in an oven. Summer Heat Makeup

The Makeup Goddesses had already whispered in my ear that an attempt to waterproof my face was the way to go. After applying my Olay moisturizer, I added Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer and followed up with my L’Oreal RevitaLift Miracle Blur. Doing all three of these things helped set my face and get it ready for the next phase. I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Face and Body Liquid Makeup (which is waterproof), as well as the line’s Eye Primer, which allowed my eye shadow to last without creasing. After adding the rest of my makeup, I hit the streets to see if I could beat the heat. I did sweat a tad bit, but even after dabbing my face with a soft tissue, I was able to keep my makeup intact (the picture above was taken after being in the heat for a few hours).

By using a combination of techniques, and with trial and error, we can always find a way to keep our makeup looking good in the summer heat. Of course, we could always skip the makeup and go natural, but that’s not nearly as much fun for those of us who adore cosmetics! Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your makeup looking great during these hot summer months? I’d love to compile a list of suggestions and post them!