First Makeover of the Year

This is my first post of the new year and I’m excited to report that I’ve been making some much-needed changes in both my professional and private life. I promised myself I’d put myself out there more in 2014, and work on some goals that would make me a better ME. My first makeover of the year was special because the client is one of my very best friends, who hired me to create her glamorous look for a very special event. I used a combination of products to create the look, starting with Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance to create a smooth texture. What I love about the primer is that it gives a beautiful glow to the skin and works well if you’re oily.  MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and MAC SPF Matchmaster Foundation were used next, applied with my favorite Alcone sponges, then followed up with my Billy B Foundation brush.

Because I love playing around with different products, I was able to create the perfect Lizsmokey eye using Magnolia Makeup pigments on my friend’s eyes, L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, and MAC Fluidline in Black for liner. The brows were filled in with MAC eye pencil in Strut. Cheeks were defined with Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze, and NARS Blush in Taos, one of my “go to’s” that I cannot live without. We decided on Stila Lip Gloss over MAC lip pencil in Spice to complete this look. My friend looked radiant and although everyone raved about how gorgeous she looked, I think the makeup only played a minor role to her inner beauty!

Until next time,



Are You a Dirty Girl?

Don’t let the title fool you! I’m talking about dirty makeup brushes and sponges which need to be washed or cleansed frequently.  Keeping your beauty tools clean and free of makeup will help you keep your skin blemish-free.  MUA’s (makeup artists) use different cleansers and methods for keeping their brushes and sponges clean, and if you take care of your tools, they will serve you well AND last for a while. If you feel like making your own cleanser, try mixing together 3 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of your favorite Baby Shampoo. I like to put all of my dirty brushes and sponges in a clean bathroom sink filled with water, then I add the shampoo and start working it through the tools. If you are a gal (or guy) on the go, try Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Shampoo To Go.  It’s simple to use (just spray the brushes, work the product through the bristles, then rinse until all traces of the shampoo are gone).

It’s also wise to keep tweezers, eyelash curlers, and any other metal applicators and tools (like pencil sharpeners) disinfected too. Simply wiping these tools down with rubbing alcohol is economical, smart, and works well to sanitize your tools. For certain cosmetics like lip and eye pencils, I like to dampen a soft, cotton  wash cloth with the alcohol and gently wipe the surface of those items. After they dry, I replace the caps, which have also been wiped down.  If you do this, PLEASE make sure the cosmetics are dry before replacing the caps.

I’ve heard people say, “I’m the only person who uses my brushes and sponges.”  I guess they mean that since they aren’t sharing products with other people,  they aren’t opening themselves up to skin issues. But guess what? Bacteria gets trapped in brush bristles and sponges. You can own the best cosmetics on the market and have the best makeup application techniques, but if your tools are dirty, you are setting yourself up for some serious health problems, like eye infections and breakouts. I don’t know about you, but I like my skin smooth, blemish free, and more importantly, healthy!