Work Hard for What You Want

I have been so busy over the summer that I am just catching up to myself! In order to get ahead in the makeup industry, one must continue to educate themselves on new technology, products, and techniques. ย Even highly trained MUAs who’ve worked in the industry for many years must study current trends in order to maintain success. I’m learning new things as I continue to educate myself by taking coursework that will ultimately help me become an even better artist.

Hard work pays off, and I will be in beast mode for the next few months, so there will be some weeks that I can’t update this blog as often. If you’ve been following for a while (or even if you’re new to my musings), I appreciate your support and hope to share some really fantastic pictures and videos of all that I will learn in the upcoming months! In the meantime, I’ll be posting some sneak peeks over atย My Instagramย page!

Until next time,